Poultry Sustainability & Welfare Summit
image of a pullet


By participating in the US-RSPE, you express your commitment to continuous poultry sustainability improvement. A membership in the US-RSPE provides you and your organization with the opportunity to:

  • Define sustainability in a way that is meaningful for stakeholders across the entire poultry and egg value chain - from farm to fork
  • Address emerging issues facing poultry and egg sustainability stakeholders
  • Define and measure progress in the poultry and egg sustainability continuous improvement journey
  • Collaborate with the entire poultry and egg value chain to increase trust and transparency that allows consumers to make informed decisions


As a member, you will be expected to:

  • Share, support and advocate the vision, mission and objectives of US-RSPE
  • Demonstrate the desire and ability to engage in constructive dialogue to further the goals of the US-RSPE
  • Ensure that your organization's commitment US-RSPE objectives is substantiated by adequate financial and personnel resources
  • Support and contribute to the outcomes of the working groups
  • Provide leadership in your area of the poultry and egg value chain
  • Pay annual membership dues (Oct. 1 to Sept. 31 fiscal year)
  • Adhere to U.S. anti-trust laws

Please note that while we will make every attempt to review and respond to each member application within 30 calendar days of submission, IPWA and US-RSE make no commitment regarding the amount of time needed to review an application.


Once you have submitted your membership application, the staff and membership administrator of each organization will review it for completeness and reach out to you with any questions.

Applications will be reviewed in accordance with the guiding principles and guidelines for membership acceptance.

Applications that meet the necessary requirements will then be sent to their leadership for further evaluation and consideration along with any accompanying recommendations made by the Membership Committees.

The Board of Directors of each organization will vote to accept or reject an applicant organization based upon the organization's commitment to our core values and validity of stakeholder admission requirements.

Subsequently, prospective members will receive notification from our organization regarding the determination of their application. Correspondingly, accepted members will receive an IPWA and USRSPE Membership Letter of Agreement confirming their commitment, a dues invoice to process their membership and instructions for next steps on getting involved in the organization.